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Writing an essay is not like writing in your diary. Professors will always require you to use academic language and formatting. Also, if you have to write an agrology essay, be prepared to use industry specific, technical terminology in your paper.

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There are many pitfalls to avoid if you are writing an agrology essay. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  • Do not use the first or second person perspectives. This is something that professors will not like to see in your paper. For instance, avoid using “I”, “You”, “We”, etc. Also, if there is an instance where you must refer to yourself or someone else, only use “one” or “The author”. For example: “One must wonder…” or “The author agrees with this study…” It is always academically proper to write only in the third person perspective.
  • Do not neglect to format your essay. If your professor wants you to use MLA or APA formatting, they will take off points if there is even a slight deviation. Make sure to read up on the formatting requirements for your class, because those are easy points to lose.
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  • Last, when you are writing your agrology essay, do not forget to proofread your paper. Even though you might have good ideas, you will still get docked if you don’t have proper grammar, have spelling mistakes, or missing words.