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Football Essay

One of the all-time greatest sports for Americans is football.  The passion surrounding football can border on fanatical.  Each fall and winter literally millions of fans go to bars, go to stadiums, or go to their TV's to enjoy the game.  In order to construct a football essay, you should first pick what part of football to discuss.  Then, look to the professionals of VivaEssays for support, guidance and assistance in creating your final draft.

Some examples for your football essay may include:

• Rules of the game

• Fans and their loyalty

• Players as role models

• US vs International football

• Your favorite team's reputation

As one example, we can look at fans and their loyalty.  Some of the topics that you could use for this football essay on fans can be:

• Football has a loyal following, and those who orchestrate the games know how to capitalize on the loyal followers and continue to cultivate new followers.  Perhaps the similarities to the ancient Romans and their gladiator arena battles continue to drive fans to the games.  There could be something about the need to see battles of strength that feed some inner appetite for danger.

• There is a select season for football, which builds anticipation for fans

• Each team has their own loyal following, building upon competitive natures

• Sponsors capitalize on the game and give fans merchandise and promotions to feed the fandom

• An entire gambling and betting niche has been built around football

• Fantasy football leagues further foster the fans

• Charitable activities from teams help to improve football reputation

• Online and social media sites bring fans together regardless of their location

• College football easily feeds into professional football

• Major networks carry football games at prime times for TV viewing

• Major celebrities and singers participate in football related activities before, during, and after the games

Such passion is hard to find for other types of businesses.  In using fans as part of your football essay, you can have many interesting subtopics within your essay that can promote lively discussions.  For writers who may need assistance with essay writing, there are professional organizations available that can help overcome writer block or simple assistance with the structure of the essay.