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Illegal Immigration in the United States essay sample

Illegal immigration has posed great deal of challenges in some countries around the world particularly the United States. The country has experienced thousands of illegal immigrants in the recent past. The illegal immigrants find their ways into the United States through Mexico border and the Pacific Ocean. There has been a divide between opponents and proponents of illegal immigration in the country (Ledbetter, 2006).
Arguably, illegal migration is a double edged sword to the United States. For most people, the issue of illegal immigrants has had far reaching negative effect on their economy. Some of the U.S. citizens have complained that immigrants take away employment opportunities from them. According to Ledbetter (2006), a large number of U.S. immigrants work in low paying jobs especially in the service sector. Some sociologists have proven this fact, and the reason is that a large number of the U.S. born citizens is not willing to work in such low paying sectors. The demand for the cheap labor is high. As such, they are taking over what the U.S. citizens would take. During the time of wars, many people entered the United States as refugees and illegal immigrants. This would cause pressure on the country’s welfare system.  On the other hand, the issue has had some beneficial effects since it provides the national economy with cost benefits. Mostly, illegal immigrants working in the country are not highly paid. They are a source of cheap labor to the entire national economy, and this would be long term benefit to the country. Notably, the large portion of the U.S. immigrants is young people. Therefore, these individuals would provide support to the Social Security System.
In conclusion, there is no positive argument as to whether or not the illegal immigration is disastrous or beneficial to the United States.
Ledbetter, C. (2006). Illegal immigration in the United States: An economic, social and political overview of the current debate. Washington: Western Washington University.