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The Wealth of a Football Club Determines Its Performance essay sample

It is undisputable that football is the most popular sport in the world. Its popularity spans across various economies and ages. Its glamour is of interest to businesspersons and investors too. Football clubs performances are what inspire most fans and investors. This essay argues that the amount of money available in a club will translate to performance on the pitch. By the end of it, these should be a justifiable reason to believe that a rich club posts desirable results in the field.
Although most fans perceive football as a pastime activity, investors consider it as a business opportunity. Consequently, they are willing to commit their resources in a bid to reap benefits in a future date. Money supplied by investors runs both in-house and promotional activities. This implies that the availability of such monies in plenty accord a club with immense capability of going beyond basics to the acquisition of innovative resources. A club that is unlimited in resources will scale the heights of performance with because they can comfortably afford expensive training facilities and impeccable talent. During transfer periods, such rich clubs put lucrative bargains to ensure that they get the best of talent required to post outstanding results.  Apart from creating an opportunity for acquisition of sterling talents, a rich club is also able to employ and maintain qualified support staff who will not accept anything less than winning trophies.
The argument articulated above is backed by the fact that most of the top performing football clubs in the world are among rich ones. A good illustration is that of Manchester City, a rich club in the English Premier League. After Abu Dhabi United acquired substantive stake, the club has risen in to a force to reckon in not only domestic premier league but also European arena. The signings of top talent like Edin Dzeko, Mario Balotelli, David Vila, Yaya Toure, and Alexander Kolarov have seen the club acquire the best of talent in football, which has translated to results in the recent past (“English Transfer Window Ends with Man City as Biggest Spenders”).