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How to Write a Book Report Guide

It is inevitable that you will have to write a book report at some point in your life. These reports can be required at just about any time throughout an educational career, and can be relatively short or very detailed depending on the teacher and grade level. If you simply do not have the time or inclination to create your own book report, VivaEssays can help. VivaEssays is a professional writing and research company that can create just about any type of paper for you. By offering low rates and quick turnaround time, your report can be written to your precise specifications.

As previously stated, the content of the book report will vary a great deal depending on grade level. Lower grade level reports will include basic book details, a plot summary, and some general comments regarding the opinion of the student. At higher grade levels, topics and underlying plots should be explored, and correlations should be drawn. Students should be able to share insight and opinions at this stage.

The basic set up for a book report should include an introduction, which should be a strong beginning for your report, and should include the book’s title, the author’s name, and the general topic of the book. Short statements about the overall theme, genre, and a hint about the tone can also be included.

From here, the body should be constructed, and should include answers to the following questions: Was the book written well? Did you enjoy the book on the whole? Were the characters well developed? Were there any recurring themes? Were there any symbols? Can you relate to the book? Was there an obvious bias? And what was the general style of writing? You should incorporate your own thoughts and feelings of the plot at this stage as well.

Finally, your book report should have a strong conclusion. This should include not only the wrap up of the book and the entire report, but also your final opinions and impressions. Some things to mention is whether you would recommend the book to others, whether you found the book credible if it was non-fiction or intriguing if it was fiction, and any other notable facts about the book or the author.

Your conclusion should consist of one to two paragraphs and in some cases it may be worthwhile to state one more time the name of the book and the author’s name. Be sure to follow any specific guidelines for layout and content originally provided by your professor or teacher.