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Often it can be difficult to even begin the process of writing your paper. Especially if you have to gather sources for the animal husbandry essay that may increase your amount of workload, and sometimes, the professor may expect more out of each assignment. Usually, when a professor does not require you to cite sources, there is a low expectation of content in your animal husbandry essay, and he or she is only hoping that you gathered a few bits of information. But, if your professor decided to ask you to cite your sources, they are looking for extremely solid information and lots of it. You may also have to site sources in a certain format, and may only be allowed to pick from certain parts of the library.

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If you find yourself in that situation, take a close look at your syllabus. If you find a “Suggested Booklist” on the back, make a beeline for the library and check out those books. There’s a good chance that the professor will be hoping you took his “suggestions” seriously.

Next, make sure that you are citing your animal husbandry essay sources in the proper formatting. You might have found the best information, but if your formatting is incorrect, you will lose points anyway.