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Writing a Book Report

Most of us at some time in our lives have written a book report of some kind. A book report is a short exposition or discussion concerning a certain book that a student may be required to read and to give comments on.

A book report can be quite detailed in content, but it is generally tailor-made to suit the interest of its readers.

A book report can be on any book that the student may be required to critique; it is usually based on some academic subject that the student may be likely to grasp. All they are required to do is to express their opinion or view of the book subject in their own words as best as they can. But it should be written in an intelligent, logical and concise manner.

The above writing follows a set format, but the kind of writing requires depends much on the length, complexity of the subject and the academic level of the student. Such essays are generally assigned to students in the primary or secondary school levels. The first few paragraphs give the synopsis, or the general idea of what the report is going to be about. And of course, it should also have a body and finally the conclusion of the report from the perspective of the author.

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