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Essays are one of the most common documents and writing formats.  While students may not enjoy the frequent essay assignments from school, it is important for students to remember that they are learning how to construct one of the most important means of communicating their viewpoints and arguments to those who will read any of their future writings.  Some students may need a little help, and need to find someone to "do my essay." That someone to help you ‘do my essay’, should be a professional from Viva Essays.

Essays convey a point.  This point can take several forms including:

Opinion – the writer establishes an opinion as their “thesis” and provides supporting arguments for the readers to better understand the writer’s opinion.

Fact – a factual statement is made as the thesis, with supporting  research and studies to inform the readers of this fact.

Call-to-Action – often writers wish to encourage their readers to do something after reviewing the essay.  The call-to-action may take the form of the thesis, and then information is provided in a variety of forms in order to convince the readers to take on the action.

Essay structure is just as important as the facts or statements within the writing.  The basic essay structure is:

• An introductory paragraph that includes the thesis

• Three or more supporting paragraphs referring to facts and other supporting statements

• A conclusion paragraph with a repeat of the thesis and final thoughts or opinions

This basic structure is very commonly used in a variety of writings, but more advanced and expert writers can vary these styles in order to keep readers interested or to take a reader by surprise.

Even when you have a subject, a thesis, and knowledge of the basic essay structure, it can often be difficult to construct an effective essay and you may need someone to "do my essay".  There are many providers who can assist with this task.  Professional writing and research companies can give writers a jump start on their essay writing and provide the needed support to complete the essay in a prompt and professional manner.  Before struggling much longer on your essay, consider a professional writing company to help you "do my essay”.