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Getting Started

1. I can't find my field of study in the order form. What do I do?

Simply select “Others” and specify the field in the details.

2. Can I get an estimate for the number of pages from the writer?

Yes. Just place an unpaid order and we'll take it from there.

3. How do I place an unpaid order??

You'll need to fill out the form and click on Check Out, then go back to the previous step. Once you've done that, be sure to contact us and give us your order ID.

4. How do I apply a discount?

You can apply your discount code at the final step of the order form.

5. It seems the promo code I'm trying to use can't be applied. What do I do?

Please contact us via chat or phone, so we can sort it out asap.


1. How many words does a double-spaced page include?

One double-spaced page means 300 words.

2. I'd like you to rewrite my paper based on professor feedback. Is this possible?

Yes. Place an unpaid order and upload your paper with the relevant feedback.

3. Can I get a draft?

Yes. Just make sure you've specified in the order form that a draft is required.

4. Can you come up with a topic for me?

Once you place your order, the writer can come up with a topic for you.

5. What about the title page and bibliography? Do I have to pay for them?

No. Those two pages come free with every order.

6. Can your writer read and/or review a book? Can they buy it if necessary?

Yes. Once you place your order, we'll be able to check if any of our writers have the book. If no one does, we can arrange for the writer to buy a book. This option, however, may require additional payment.

7. Can the writer visit a museum, exhibition, or see a movie for me?

Yes. Place an unpaid order and we'll take care of it.


1. Can anyone find out I've used your services?

All information that goes through our server is encrypted, and your personal data will never be disclosed to the writer, or any third party. To ensure complete confidentiality, we remove file properties when we send the final document to you. No one will ever find out, unless you tell them yourself.

2. How do I know my paper is plagiarism-free?

All our work is done from scratch to match your instructions to the fullest. If you need some proof, just tell the support manager you'll be needing a plagiarism report, and we'll be happy to oblige. (Yes, it's free.)

3. Can you guarantee a specific grade?

Your grades depend on many factors beyond our control, such as your performance in class throughout the year and your professor's personal preferences. We will never risk your trust by promising you something we can't truly guarantee. That said, we do guarantee that the writer will follow your instructions to the letter so you can get exactly the work you need.

4. What if something goes wrong and I want my money back?

All transactions go through secure payment gateways so you know your rights are protected. Please see our Money-Back Policy for more information on refunds.

Payment Questions

1. I'm not sure I want to pay the entire sum at once. Can we work something out?

Yes. If your total price exceeds $500 and your deadline is longer than 14 days, we can break it down for you into smaller installments.

2. What payment options do you offer?

You can pay with payment cards or wire transfers.

3. The final document turned out to be shorter than I'd expected. While I'm happy with the work, what happens to the money I paid for the extra pages?

You can either get a refund for those pages or use the funds to pay for your future orders with us.

4. I accidentally paid for my order twice. What do I do?

Contact us and we'll get you a refund – unless you'd rather use the funds for any future orders.

5. Can I pay after I've received the work?

Our writers are cream of the crop, and we have to guarantee their work will be properly compensated. That means the writer cannot get started on your project until the transaction is complete.

My Account

1. I'm having trouble logging in. What's the matter?

Please contact us by phone or chat, and we'll take care of it.

2. How do I upload files?

Log into your account, go to My Orders, and view the relevant order. You can upload anything you need using the Files section.

3. I can't upload a file. There's an error message saying it's too big.

Just get in touch with out support team, and they'll handle it.

4. How can I download the file?

All the files can be accessed through the Files section of your order.

5. I'd like to change my email. How do I do that?

Give us a shout, and we'll come to your aid, immediately.

The Process

1. Are writers assigned to orders automatically, or do I get to choose?

You can either let us choose the most experienced writer for the job, or choose the one you like the most from those available at the moment.

2. Can I discuss the work with my writer?

Just use the Messages section in your account. To access it, view My Orders and go to the one you'd like to talk over.

3. Can anyone read my messages?

All messages are encrypted so no third party can ever access them. To make sure your rights are protected and the writer complies with your requests, the messages can be viewed by our support managers.

4. How do I track the progress?

You can either send a message to your writer or ask our support team for a quick update.

5. Can I add anything to my initial instructions after the work has started?

Please note that additional payments may be required.

6. How do I receive the final work?

We'll upload the final document to the Files section which you can access through your order page.

7. Can I get the document by email?

Sure. Just tell us you'd like it emailed to you.

8. Will you send the work to me if it's finished before the deadline?

Of course. The work will be uploaded to your account as soon as it's finished.

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