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Writing Movie Review

Movie Reviews - Most of us see them in newspapers every day. They talk about the latest movie and whether it is considered to be a hit or a bomb at the Box Office. It may be easy for most of us to read such reviews, but if we were to write such a review, would we know what to do?

A movie review writing is basically written in a form similar to a book review, only it isn't a book that is being discussed, it's a movie. The purpose of giving such a report is to give a candid or honest appraisal of the movie being discussed from the standpoint of the reviewer, who may or may not be right-or wrong about their particular assessment of a current movie.

When writing a movie review, the writer wants to obviously see the movie first of all. How can they talk about a movie they have never seen? In order to give an honest assessment of such a film, they have to know what they are talking about.

They would mention the title of the movie being played, the subject of the movie, the name of the actors and actress and where the movie is presently playing. After watching the movie in its entirety, they would carefully critique the individual players' roles and then give their honest opinion on the role they played, as to whether they thought it was good or bad, whether; if the movie follows a rating system, which most do, they should appraise whether the film is rated with one star, two stars three stars and so forth, indicating the quality of the movie from their perspective.

Movie review writing can be fun; it certainly is fun for professional movie critics, and it can be for you.

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