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Antibiotic Resistance essays writing help

When writing an antibiotic resistance essay, issues regarding the widespread use of penicillin and other antibiotics should be discussed. If you get stumped on the content for your antibiotic resistance essay, or simply want the help of a trained professional, consider services offered by Viva Essays.

Points to include in the antibiotic resistance essay should include:

• Bacteria, like any living creature, have an innate determination to survive.  Through mutations bacteria can develop survival abilities outside of their ideal environments.  Abilities such as becoming dormant until put in contact inside a warm human body keep bacteria alive, growing, and thriving. Also bacteria can mutate into forms that are resistant to antibiotic treatments.  The more exposure that bacteria have to antibiotics, the more likely the bacteria can develop resistance.

• In recent studies there have been several cases of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Staphylococcus aureus, for example, was once easily destroyed with antibiotics.  Now this type of infection can fight most forms of antibiotics.

• Physicians and medical service providers have been cautioned to reduce the use of antibiotics.  At one time, anyone with any minor injury or cold was given antibiotics as a preemptive measure. Now patients are now instructed to come back for antibiotics only if serious signs of an infection occur.

• The consequences of overuse of antibiotics can be dire.  In our world today, there are already a few forms of very deadly bacteria that resist most antibiotics.  If an epidemic occurs, the results would be catastrophic.

The essay’s conclusion should caution the readers with the use of antibiotics in order to avoid the proliferation of resistant strains of bacteria.

Since 1928, when Sir Alexander Fleming observed that a substance in mold could kill a number of disease causing bacteria, penicillin has been the savior of multitudes of lives.  Through the development of antibiotic medicines and technologies, the uses of this highly effective cure spread worldwide and were used generously for decades.  The story of the miracle drug does not necessarily have a happy ending.

As stated earlier in this antibiotic resistance essay, writers should conclude with a word of caution on the use of antibiotics.  If writers need assistance there are professional businesses who can help with topics such as antibiotic resistance and many other subjects.

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