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Halloween Essay

Halloween is the second most anticipated holiday that children look forward to before Christmas. It is a holiday where we celebrate what we believe to be the souls of the dead returning to visit their homes and find another body to inhabit. When creating a Halloween essay, there are professionals that can provide assistance. For the best in Halloween essay writing support, turn to the professionals of Viva Essays.

Before beginning your Halloween essay, spend time familiarizing yourself with the holiday. Halloween is said to be a festival of death and it started off as a day to celebrate the life of a loved one but over the course of time, media and society turned it into the opposite, and as a result people started wearing scary costumes to ward off the evil spirits that are trying to return home.

Religious groups will refute accepting Halloween as a holiday as it is deemed inappropriate to don the mask of the devil or other evil entity for any reason. But there are just as many fun costumes like clowns and pumpkins that can be an alternative to the darker side of the holiday.
Scaring people is one of the more fun aspects of the day and the chance to get out and act ghoulish and goofy is what makes the day all the more special to some people. It is a break from the normal day to day routine and it gives a chance to celebrate the day in whatever form or for whatever reason that we decide is best for us.

Halloween is a day to be celebrated as it is in our heritage and culture. While religion or politics may prohibit some from enjoying the day, kids from all walks of life should have the opportunity to act like a kid and enjoy the candy that comes with it. Keep these concepts in mind as you create your Halloween essay.