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Humanities Essay

Humanities are academic disciplines that use analytical, speculative, or critical methods to study human conditions. They include subjects such as history, literature, modern and ancient languages, and religion. Humanities are also regarded as social sciences and the term can also mean humanism when describing philosophical position. When working to create a humanities essay, consider leveraging the expertise of Viva Essays.

Some of the areas and fields that could be included in a humanities essay are:

• History

• Languages

• Law

• Literature

• Performing Arts

• Music

• Theater

• Dance

• Philosophy

• Religion

• Visual Arts

Any of these fields can affect us in our daily lives. We may use any of these subjects whether it is at work, home, or school. Humanities are there to teach us about our past and how we can use them going in to the future. We look to the past to define who we are and humanities are an open door to that past. Many of our cultural influences come from many different humanities areas.

The languages that we speak, the music we listen to, and the religion we base our lives on all come from a long line of humanities passed down from generations past. What they can teach us is invaluable and we are learning more and more about their origins as more time passes. Going forward we can use the tools that they teach us to help our children and their children to form a society like the one that we live in.

Our society is based off of many different cultures that humanities have formed and the way we interact with one another is a part of that. We may rely on religion to guide us when it comes to treating one another with respect, and there is no end to the influence that it will continue to play in our lives. Humanities are the basis of what we are made of and it is also the basis of what we make for future generations. If you capture the essence of these concepts in your humanities essay, you are sure to receive top marks.