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Persuasive speeches - Writing Help

Persuasion is a powerful technique.  When mastered, people can convince virtually anyone to perform a desired task.  Persuasion is not easily mastered, and only a select number of people can manipulate at the mastery level.  However, all of us have some degree of persuasive skills.  When it comes to crafting persuasive speeches, some may believe that only those with masterful abilities can create oration of the persuasive degree. If you need some inspiration or direction when creating your persuasive essay, turn to the professionals at VivaEssays.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle determined that persuasion comes in three forms.  This still holds true even today.  Persuasive speeches come in three styles:

Ethos – or credible persuasion.  Persuasive speeches using ethos come from a speaker who has predetermined credibility with the audience, so they believe what is said and comply.

Pathos – or emotional persuasion.  Through a heart-rending story or an instinctual desire to help or sympathize, the speaker gains acceptance from the audience.

Logos – or logical persuasion.  Through rational points and facts, the speaker is able to convince the audience of the correct direction to take.

The structure of persuasive speeches is often based upon “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence”:

Attention – also the introduction.

Need – identify the specific issue or problem.

Satisfaction – what could resolve the issue?

Visualization – an outline of how to achieve satisfaction.

Action – what the audience should do – also known as the “call to action.”

Persuasive speeches can be quite powerful.  Some of the best known orators are able to persuade masses of people to their cause.  But persuasive speeches are also used for small groups like a student committee.  Or the speech can be a sales pitch to convince persons to purchase a product or service.  And persuasive speeches can be used simply at the parent to teenager level in order to guide a prodigal child.  There are many levels and variations of persuasive speeches, but all of them have one goal:  to convince another to act according to your wishes.

When persuasive speeches become challenging for a writer, consider a professional writing businesses for assistance.  Many of these professionals have substantial experience in various forms of persuasive speaking, and can assist you in your efforts

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