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Public Speeches Writing Assistance

If only we could make writing public speeches as easy as getting out of bed.  Unfortunately speech writing can be one of the most intimidating tasks to perform.  In addition to the solutions outlined below, professionals at VivaEssays can provide a tremendous resource. While there are no “short cuts” to writing public speeches, there are some methods to streamline the process.

Know your audience – understand the types of people who you will be speaking to, and what their expectations might be.  Will they be primarily blue collar workers who need some motivation?  Are they peers and coworkers who need insight into their jobs or careers?

Know your subject – focus your topic onto the primary subject and stick to it as your “theme”.  It is very common to hear politicians being coached to “stay on topic” – and that is a very important task to do when performing public speeches.

Know a story – public speeches can be highly successful when there is a story to be told that can relate an individual or situation to your theme or topic of focus.  Depending on the type of speech, you should try to be as factual and realistic as possible when telling your story.

Know the rhythm – just like a song, public speeches have their own rhythm.  You may choose to keep a consistent pace throughout the speech, or build to a crescendo at the very end, or have more of a bell-curve with a climax in the middle followed by a series of calls to action towards the end.

Once you have your first draft, rehearse it in the mirror or record yourself performing the speech.  Read it as if you were actually in front of the audience, with the same timing, pauses, and emphasis that you plan to use.  Step away for an hour or two without reviewing your recording if possible.  Then come back and review, and make changes where you see appropriate.  Clock your public speeches to make sure you are using adequate time.  Also take into consideration that many people speak much faster when actually doing the speech.  Take your time – breathe, and you will be fine.