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Student essay - a part of student life

A student essay is an essay written by a student as part of the class work assigned by a teacher or by a professor. A student essay is basically a student's interpretation of a topic assigned by an instructor to be written in class or to be done at home as homework. Writing a student essay takes practice and skills are developed by continuing to write essays in class or at home on topics assigned by your instructor. A student essay should be considered a formal writing that follows a taught structure for introducing and expounding on topics that can range from autobiographical exercises to events or ideas suggested by the instructor.

The structure followed for a student essay is simple. The student essay should begin with an introduction of the subject that will be discussed in the paper. That is supposedly about one or two paragraphs with the last sentence of the first paragraph of a student essay containing the main point that will be developed in the student essay. That is followed by two or three paragraphs, depending on the number of words wanted by the instructor for the student essay and ending with one or two paragraphs that sum up the intent of the student essay often called the conclusion.

Essays are actually an artistic medium used by writers from classical times to today. Essays were meant to be a type of commentary with the speaker or the writer of the essays voicing his opinion on a particular subject which could be a topic about women's hairstyles, the lack of discipline shown by spoiled children to violence as political ends. The topic was only as important as the writer of the essays in certain periods in both French and English literary circles. Anyone can have an opinion about a subject, but a writer with a reputation for skill in writing and a following was sure to have his point of view mentioned as the most important in the country and all through his skill in his essays.

Since the advent of mass media, essays as artistic works have been relegated to specialized journals of journalism or scientific orientation. Most mass media essays are written now by people who get paid huge sums of money to voice their opinion in understandable by the mass population format. Learning the skills of writing essays as a student can turn into a profitable occupation in the student's future.

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