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Successful Admission Essay Writing Guide

Never before was the competition when applying to colleges and universities tougher than it is nowadays. For this reason it has become more important than ever to have a strong admission essay to increase your chances of getting in. These types of essays need to be approached with a great deal of care, and for those unsure how to begin the process, VivaEssays can help.

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A successful admission essay is a combination of several key components that allows it to stand out from the rest. To ensure that your essay beats the competition, consider the following suggestions for your admission essay writing.

Instructions: The instructions should be followed to the letter; answer all questions clearly; do not skip information, and do not exceed the word count. These types of essays usually come in two forms. The first requests the writer to state a personal experience or topic that is meaningful and is an adequate reflection of the applicant. The second asks up to ten questions about goals, objectives, student history, and why the applicant believes the school one is applying to can help reach one’s personal goals.

Structure: Proper communication and organization is critical with both forms, so be sure the essay flows well and your thoughts are well arranged. Be sure to clearly highlight all of your goals, accomplishments, and qualifications. It may come in handy to organize this part of admission essay writing into steps and rank them in accordance to their relevance to the institution you’re sending the essay to.

Be Conversational: An admission essay should read as if the applicant is sitting with the dean of admissions in the same room and having a conversation. It should never read as a formal document, or one that is long and boring. It is acceptable to add a bit of humor; however, the essay should refrain from being overly sarcastic or silly.

Offer Examples: Admission essays should provide real-life examples of personal accomplishments and how those reflect the applicant’s ability to be the right choice for this or that educational establishment. Examples of community service, educational achievements, volunteering services for your town, state, or country, and even employment records can all be included. This will also prove that the applicant is dedicated to one’s ambitions and looking forward to any kind of educational challenges.