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American Capital Punishment Controversies Essay Sample

In maintaining its values and virtues, society has developed a systematic machinery for limiting evils in it through punishments. The severity of any given punishment is determined by the intensity of the crime committed. In many states in America, capital punishment or murder has been the most effective way of reducing extreme unlawful acts in the society. Several forms of murder have been applied in different States of America as shown by Ehrlich research ranging from application of firing squad in Utah, gas chambers used in Texas and death through electric chair in many States of America. However, by 1950 the validity of this punishment sprang into critics in Europe, these have formed major debates on the extent of satisfaction of this mode of punishment in the society.
Murder punishment is criticized for virtual victimization of innocent individuals and its justification has become a major concern since real evidence of the victims’ intention during a murder is difficult to achieve (Zimring 2004). Moreover, compensation measures for the victims’ of miscarried justice are impossible. Many trials on death penalty works on  virtual uncertainties over the victim (Bohm 2011).
In as much as murder is applied to eliminate criminals, their families and close associates become the victim of the situation in stress and disbelief. Justification of murder then is inflicting pain into their families (Adam 2005). Another argument against this punishment is its justness; from Ehrlich research (Bohm 2011), it is learned that racism dominated administration of death penalty in America. Some modes of execution are too inhumanistic like the use of firing squad and electric chair that justness becomes questionable in such instances (Zimring 2004).
Despite these arguments, some people are still convinced that murder is the best way of eliminating criminals. Most justice administrators accept that it is the most cost effective form of punishment in the society. This was especially in Britain when execution was done in a maximum of eight weeks hence limiting spending in appeals. It is also believed that death penalty offer the best retribution than any rehabilitation methods (Bohm 2011). The society also largely accepts this punishment. It is in addition, justified and supported in the bible. When executed with certainty, death penalty is a deterrent form of punishment in the society. Evidence of this is from countries, which applies it so often where planned crimes have reduced significantly (Adam 2005).
The anti and pro death penalty debates are still raging in America where each side is trying to influence the legal system on this issue. Several researches, biblical and sociological evidences have been gathered to alter legal aspect on murder in the States. This has resulted into several reforms on death penalty and there is hope that a stable ground will be reached. However, the success of these debates will majorly rely on societal acceptability of the results.
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