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Global Warming is Beneficial Essay Example

Global warming has become a hot topic in the world today.   Animals and plants will be affected greatly by global warming. Some people believe in negative impacts of global warming whereas others attribute it positively.
Proponents of global warming believe increased temperature, which is one of the effects of global warming will lead to enhanced plant and animal growth. Higher temperatures are believed to hasten plant and animal growth. When plants have early maturity, prevalence of food shortage will be reducing drastically across the globe leading to food security. Subsequently, proponents also advance the claims of improved means of transport. As a result of reduction in rain, most roads will be usable and long lasting, hence improved economy due to less expenditure on their maintenance. Global warming will also create more habitable and cultivable tracts of land as a result of melting ice caps which will pave way for agricultural and other economic viable projects. During winter periods, the environmental temperatures are low which leads to high electric bills. High temperatures will translate to low electricity bills since few units will be consumed on heating the rooms. Most people, especially in temperate countries are not very productive during cold seasons due to cold weather. With global warming, temperate regions will be warmer leading to an increase in human output which will translate to higher income for the citizens and country at large (Ehrlich, 2003).
Opponents of global warming view it as a disaster that will consume all world life if no preventive measures are put into place. Global warming leads to high environmental temperature, meaning the large parts of the world will cease to be productive due to high temperatures beyond what plants and animals can withstand. Therefore, people living around the equator will experience up surging temperatures that will evict them from their homes, and might lead to human conflicts as people try to look for cooler places. This will also be accompanied by thriving of disease causing organism since they do well in warm areas. Subsequently, cases of malaria and other diseases will be on the rise. Global warming alters weather pattern and this may make productive lands to be barren which will translate to economy hardships due to losses farmers will be experiencing from a failed yield. Since some of the causes of global warming are; deforestation, burning of fossil fuel and pollution, the world will lose its population through desertification and illness associated with pollution (Gore, 2007).
Although global warming is devastating to plant and human life, it will continue being a challenge to the world populace, calling for collaborative efforts by all countries to minimize the effects since it can’t be eliminated at 100%.


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