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Alias Grace Essay Sample

Young Grace at the age of 16 is accused together with James McDermott of killing their employer Thomas Kinnear and a maid Nancy Montgomery. Though looked at as a case of a quadrangle love gone wrong, it is a case filled with twist and turns with so many unanswered questions.

Given that James is hanged, the pieces of information one gets only emanates from speculation and what Grace says. A reliable source Grace could be, but the reawakening of the in depth analysis of the two deaths which happened fifteen years ago, a period which I believe, that given Grace’s condition, is longer enough for her to sound lost, which is evident in the story.

Her recollections are distant, and do not sound as if she has even the vaguest of notion on what she is talking about. Through modern psychology, a doctor, Simon Jordan tries to analyze her. He tries to employ the modern methods to try to delve deep into her involvement in the murder of the couple, will the true events suffice?

Grace suffers the loss of her mother when young; the image of her mother being buried at sea could possibly mire her memories of the past and present. Secondly, at an age, 16, she is faced with the case of murdering two people. To top it the entire verdict passed is very harsh to a minor, her partner in the murder case James is hanged and she is jailed for life.

Taking all this to account and the life she served in penitentiary it is clear that, she had had enough strain in her tender age to make her memories jumbled hence fixedly making everyone run in a maze of confusion. Whether Grace did commit the murder or was a victim of circumstance is just as jumbled as the evaluation of Dr. Jordan.

Therefore it is clear that the penitentiary coupled with the events in Grace’s life served to distort the images in her mind hence rendering her unworthy of shedding light on what happened.