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Human Reproductive Cloning essay sample

Scientists are still working on safe ways to clone human beings.  Human reproductive cloning is the name of the process.  Human reproductive cloning should remain banned and all research in this area stopped forthwith.  Should the research make any headway, human reproductive cloning will in no way help and will reduce human beings to objects that can be assembled in a lab.
Proponents of research into human reproductive cloning suggest that cloning would eliminate aging.   Also the pro cloning scientists suggest that the dead can be ‘replaced’ by cloning. But, aging is not totally a bad thing.  The aged are endowed with wisdom and vast experience.  Filling society with young looking people will definitely erode these qualities as the older end up acting the age they look.  Producing copies of deceased persons would still not replace the dead.  Cloning someone with the intention of retaining his qualities may also put unreasonable weight on the clone as they are expected to fit in the shoes of their genetic twin.  Opponents of cloning humans contend that making a human being reproducible greatly reduces his worth and destroys his individuality.
Proponents of research into human reproductive cloning suggest that the field offers infertile parents hope.  The children produced asexually for such parents would have their so-called parents’ DNA.  But even the scientists agree that the involved child and parent would have a relationship to each other of genetic twin.  The infertile parents would still essentially be without offspring.  Using human reproductive cloning to produce children will result in parents shopping for desirable qualities and then clone the chosen individual.  This reduces the worth of children to objects one can shop around for.

Nature operates on certain rules, and it is not absolutely established if all the rules are known to man.  Cloning human beings will turn out to be a disastrous project that is unsafe and destroys human worth and dignity.  It is time governments stopped completely all research into human reproductive cloning.