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Alcohol Drinking Age Should Be Increased Research Essay sample

Alcoholic drinking is an issue that has become of enormous concern for many societies, families, and household. In some quarters, the habit of drinking has become a social problem that has cut across various segments and fabric of communities because of the serious negative consequences that is associated with drinking. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, alcohol causes irrational thinking and weird behavior in human beings especially the young people. Regardless of this fact, many children and youth in our communities are taking alcohol, thus putting their lives at risks (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2007).
The drinking age should be increased in the sense that people who are allowed to take alcohol should be of senior age. My argument is premised on the negative consequences that I have observed happening to youths in our backyard and colleges. Many clinical researches have indicated that individuals who start drinking alcohol at early ages of their lives have greater risk of developing chronic alcohol problems. When someone uses alcohol at a tender age, he or she has enormous likelihood of harboring alcohol abuse and dependence at the later age of his or her lives.
The other aspect that informs my argument of increasing the drinking age is the reality that when young people drink they tend to disregard family values and can be disrespectful to the parents and elders in the family or society. This is a negative phenomenon because it will mark the start of family break down and domestic problems because there are poor relations between drinking children and parents.
I am, therefore, strongly for the opinion of increasing the drinking age of alcohol so to cushion our youth in schools and colleges from taking alcohol. This is because young people who are alcoholic tend to live a life that is pervasive, full of stress and enormous tension that is compounded with coping problems and anxiety that in some cases result in committing suicide.

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