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Alcohol Use Essay Sample

Alcohol use involves the use of addictive substances such as beer, wine or other forms of hard liquor with the ability to impair physical and psychological dependence of its consumers. Alcoholism is the excessive consumption of any alcoholic substance. Although alcohol use is legal and socially accepted within our society, excessive and problematic use repeatedly goes unrecognized.
Supporters of medical treatment argue that alcohol consumption can be helpful to the body. According to Lowinson et al, 2005, moderate drinking increases life expectancy, reduces chances of heart attacks among other diseases. Opponents associate alcohol use to a series of negative effects as; poor nutrition, liver disorders, and strokes and reduced sexual desire, which if not checked becomes a source of conflict within the family (Lowinson et al, 2005).
Scientifically alcohol use is considered harmful, though are no proven scientific health benefits associated with moderate alcohol use. However, it is recommended that one to three drinks per day is health drinking. A scientific study at Harvard found out that 21% to 28% of men who drink moderately were less likely to die compared to those who abstainers (Galanter, 2005).
Supporters of alcohol use regards alcohol as a social drink that encourages socialization among peers. Socialization is very important to the young as they grow into adults, alcohols allows them to “loosen up” and share more about themselves and their challenges helpings their peers learn on how to deal with similar challenges if they present themselves before them (Galanter, 2005).
Critics view alcohol use as a means to turn away from whatever problems one is going through. These problems may be personal, problems at school, financial problems, stress, or a combination of more than one of these. When faced with these problems, many people will turn to alcohol use since it is readily available. In actual sense, alcohol cannot solve the problems, but helps them to forget about their problems for a while.
Having said these, everyone should make their personal decision on alcohol use depending on the circumstances they are facing. Its worthy noting that excessive alcohol use must be avoided at all because it has severe consequences to ones social and personal health.