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Genetic Engineering essay sample

Modernity has brought several technological advancements which have made several things possible. Genetic engineering is an important issue in our society since it affects not just the field of disease research but impacts greatly on food production and is taunted as the key to food security. While cloning of human beings is prohibited in all societies, stem cell production is an ongoing activity even though the practice continues to face stiff resistance from some quarters. Genetic engineering must be allowed to continue since it holds the key to the treatment of world’s major pandemics and is the answer for sustainable food productions.
Genetic engineering has advanced greatly in recent years with great strides made in the areas of genome mapping which has allowed scientists to gain an in-depth knowledge in the field of genetics. This has major ramifications for our society as such breakthroughs has laid a strong foundation for medical research and the probability of winning the war against major diseases appears bright.  In addition, cloning of animals like Dolly and manipulation of plants genes to create better foods enhances the world’s ability to feed all its populace.
Religious leaders and pro-life activists have faulted the destruction of embryos even for a good cause and have termed the practice immoral on religious and ethical grounds. Some people have also expressed concern that some people or countries might experiment and even conduct human cloning. While their concern is genuine, it is my humble opinion that stem cell should continue to be allowed so long as the necessary precautions have been taken to prevent human cloning (The President’s Council on Bioethics, 2002).
Cloning has opened several doors for the global community. This includes improved food security due to production of high yield genetically modified foods. Scientists have also made major strides in finding cures for previously incurable diseases. However, the issue of cloning is still surrounded by great controversy and only time will tell what the future holds for this discipline.