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Legalizing Gay Marriages essay sample

Gay marriage is a controversial subject with many of its proponents citing human rights as a backup.  Presently, nations like the U.S. are on the verge of legalizing gay marriages. With this trend, it is feared that many nations may follow suit. The core issue is whether gay marriages should be legalized or not.
First, gay couples may face difficulties in assimilating into our current social setups like churches, mosques and other creational facilities. In workplaces, for instance, fellow workmates may fear being associated with them. Consequently, they may ultimately seclude to form their own social structures. However, this will be promoting divisions which is contrary to the intent of unifying all mankind.
Second, the essence of a marriage is raising children who act as a bond to keep the family together. To avoid being criticized on these grounds, gay couples will opt to adopt children. However, adoption is complex and sometimes involves wealthy persons. Conversely, parents may not trust gay persons with the custodianship of their children. Also, having no children of their own, a child adopted into this family may be raised solely or with others whom they may differ. At school, this child may have difficulties talking about his or her parents especially where majority of the children are from heterosexual families. Hence, the adopted child will find it hard coping with life and may result to psychological problems. This is portrayed in the case of a 14-year- old gay boy; Jamey Rodemeyer, who appealed to the public not to discriminate gays but instead accept them. He had suffered so much bullying by fellow school mates. The depth of his suffering is evidenced by the fact that he later committed suicide (Parents News, 2011).

In conclusion, since it is apparent that gays have been ubiquitous in our society and have only come to limelight recently because the society never addressed their plight, the main solution is not to legalize gay marriages. Instead, we should be mindful of children upbringing by providing them with a safe and interactive environment. Also, we should identify individuals born with the gay nature at earlier stages of life and set up effective counseling programs for them. Most importantly, they should be handled with care and be informed that they are not different from ‘others’ hence they too can lead a normal life.