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Military Intervention in the War against Drugs essay sample

Drug abuse has been a key factor in the increase in crime rates, school drop our rates and reduced productivity among a large section of members in the global community. The issue of trying to find a lasting and sustainable solution to the issue of drug trafficking is vital for global harmony and for the preservation of human dignity. Most drugs find their way to developed countries like the United States from third world countries like Colombia and Mexico. Diplomacy has not achieved any success in stopping the drug flow and an aggressive military campaign against drug lords is the only viable way to stop global drug trafficking.
Most countries that have the highest numbers in relation to drug abuse are in a position to use their superior military to wage war and win against drug cartels. Governments in third world nations where most drugs emanate from have failed to curtail the operations of these drug lords and this should act as an impetus to the global community to rise up against these merchants of death. The intelligence community can collect water tight evidence of their operations and coordinate with the military to conduct air raids and a subsequent ground offensive to bring a decisive end to this issue. These drug lords can then be extradited to countries where they can face due process and face justice for the havoc that their drugs have wrought on our communities.
Some people have fronted diplomacy as being the better avenue for dispute resolution especially among governments. But it would set a dangerous precedent if we negotiated with criminals and bearing in mind that local governments lack the will power and the resources to bring these criminals to justice. Therefore, the world’s powers under the leadership of the United State should wage a military campaign against drug cartels wherever they maybe in the world.