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My favorite athlete Tiger Woods essay sample

When someone mentions the word “tiger,” we think of an extreme ferocious animal that lives in the woods. However, this paper explores Tiger Woods not the animal but the professional golfer who for the last fifteen years has brought new meaning to the name that we all dreaded. The name brings in mind the golfing phenomenon of dedication, full of heart, and desire to rule golf as a sport just as the Tiger rules in the woods it lives in (Rosaforte, 2000).
My favorite athlete Tiger Woods first swung a golf club at a tender age of nine months of age. At age 2, Tiger putted against Bob Hope. At 9 years of age, my favorite athlete “the Tiger” shot a 48 for nine holes, which is better than what most adult amateur players achieve. At the age of 15, my athlete proved that he was real “Tiger” not in the field by becoming the youngest player to win the US Amateur Junior Championship three times yet no one has ever won the title twice. Like a Tiger lives its marks on anything it gets hold of, Tiger Woods with his ability and drive has left impressive marks on many people across the world. Golf is no longer a boring game as it used to, thanks to Tiger Woods the pop icon (Andrisani, 1997).
Although, Tiger Woods is ranked the number one athlete in the world depending on what he has accomplished, he never takes it easy and stops working as most other athletes may do. Instead, he heads out to practice until it is too dark (Clary, 1997). This shows the extreme desire Tiger has to improve his game.
Tiger not the animal but the golfer is a very inspiring person to me, though his masterly of the game I have come to love golf. When people watch him play, his game ethic, and the kind of efforts the icon puts as he swings the club, one can do nothing but admire the game. Let us embrace golf, let us support the tiger in the field but not in the woods.

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